"It's play, improvisation, joy, humor. Let's call it freeform-inmotion-jazz and take the music for what it is and let it become what we want it to be... the duo must have a place in the music of Sweden."
- Lennart Götesson, Dala-Demokraten

Freeform-inmotion-jazz is humor, seriousness, presence and play. Everything in Medi's path can be music. Medi plays freeform-inmotion-jazz that touches everyone who dares to listen. Constantly forward-thinking and innovative, the duo mixes tones, rhythms and room composing. An experience for both ears and eyes.  

Since 2014, Medi has played over 500 shows for children with their music all around Sweden.

Medi Möter - a concert serie on Malmö Live 2022, from January to June. Check it out on Medi's website!

V.17 - 2012 (Myomusica)
Medi Möter Fredrik Ljungkvist/ Mattias Hjorth och Oskar Schönning - 2016 (Havtorn Records)
Oval Tid - 2020 (Havtorn Records)

Ida Karlsson Wretling: tenorsaxophone, clarinet and movements. 
Emeli Ek: drumset, percussion, and movements.

Photo: Jens Nordström