The Bandettes

Country / Americana


"You feel like you are sharing a carriage with four feisty Swedish girls, their instruments and their soaring interwoven vocals as the tracks slide beneath you and the landscape zips past your window offering glimpses of the world outside."
- Bearded Magazine

Formed in 2012, The Bandettes is a Swedish band consisting of: Anna (guitar/vocals), Hannah (bass/vocals), Kajsa (keys/backup vocals), and Emeli (drums/vocals). Although best known for “The Beard Song”, their Country/Americana with a nordic shimmer attracts many more than people with good-looking gathering of hair on their chins.

Released their first album Take Me Home in 2013, second (EP) The Joker in 2015, and the single Try a Little Bit Harder in 2017, all on their own record label Take me home Productions

2022 The Bandettes celebrated 10 years as a band at a sold out Victoriateatern 25th of March.

2023 their third album "As the universe is expanding..." was released in 26th of May on Take me home Productions!

The Bandettes
Anna Edström Rudolf - vocals, guitars, mandolin
Kajsa Morueta Orreteg - backing vocals, keys
Hannah Billing - vocals, electric bass
Emeli Ek - vocals, drumset

Photo: Mikel Morueta Holme