"...sometimes cautiously and melodically exploratory to plunge into wilder improvisations, sometimes a more bumpy attitude settles directly where the musicians seek out the resolution to provisional patterns... The interaction is spotless."
- Magnus Eriksson, Lira

Ormbunken (The Fern in Swedish) is a free jazz quintet from Malmö in the southern part of Sweden. Equipped with humor and an unpretentious charisma does Ormbunken sometimes sound groovy, almost always danceable. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes heavy and a bit ruff around the edges. The roots of Ormbunken stands steady in freejazz but borrows expressions from free impro, jazz, 70 ́s rock and psychedelia. Ormbunken emerged out of the longing of playing live, a bunch of composition ideas and the will to invite the audience to the marvelous atmosphere of freejazz. 

Ormbunken released their first record in March 2020, "Ormbunken har funnits sen dinosauriernas tid". In June 2021 they released a single, "Så länge tid är tid". All releases on Abrovinsch Records.

Ormbunken is currently working on new music and also premiered their new concert show for families in 23-24rd of September 2022 at Barnens Scen, Malmö. 

In the autumn of 2023 Ormbunken vill collaborate with the magnificent free jazz quintet William Soovik Grand Finale! 

Emeli Ek, drums / compositions 
Andreya Ek Frisk, electric bass 
Ida Karlsson Wretling, tenorsaxophone / clarinet 
Petter Hängsel, trombone 
Sebastian Persson, electric guitar

Photo: Elin Hörberg